ISLL CRAMS - Spectrum of services

Ind-Swift Labs provides a wide range of synthetic chemistry services ranging from discovery through development and manufacture of small molecules as seen below.

Discovery Services

  • Library Synthesis & Reference Cpds
  • Rational Design and Synthesis of Analogs
  • Scaffold Synthesis
  • Medicinal Chemistry Support

Development Services

  • Route Scouting
  • Process R&D
  • Drug Substance Development

Manufacturing Services (Clinical Supplies- Early & Late Phase)

  • APIs and Intermediates
  • Veterinary APIs
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Specialty Molecules including HPAPIs
  • Custom Chemical Synthesis

Analytical/Stability Services

  • Method Development, Validation & Transfer
  • Impurity Profiling, Isolation, Identification & Characterization

* All Discovery and Developmental Services are offered either on a Fee For Service (FFS) or Full Time Equivalent (FTE) basis.

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