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The news item doing rounds in the social media about the Jail to Directors of the Company is a rumour and mis-communication as;

Firstly the order relates to a cheque bouncing matter which was filed by SIDBI against Group Company Ind-Swift limted.

Secondly all the Directors involved were simultaneously granted bail by the Hon’ble Court to appear before the appellate court and obtain the suspension of the sentence order ( which is a routine and procedural matter in such cases ).

Thirdly the group Company is already in negotiation with the bank and in process of filing the appeal in suitable court of law. The matter will be settled in due course .

Since the matter relates to the Group Company –Ind-Swift Limited, so it does not impact the business or working of Ind-Swift Laboratories Limited in any manner.

In case of any query the customers/suppliers/associates/investors can reach Mr. N.K.Bansal, CFO (9876459800) or Mr. Pardeep Verma, GM-Corporate Affairs & CS (9814131627).

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